How a search in Google works

How a search in Google works : SEO is a technique of bringing the desired web pages to the targeted keywords in a Google search. There are many advanced techniques and processes involved in this process of SEO.

Search engine optimization [SEO] rankings based on guidelines and algorithms specified by Google.

How a search in Google works?

Generally, after completing a website, the SEO analyst submits their website to Google via Google search console. After the submission, Google bots crawl through the website and stores copies of the webpage. On a Google search, the Google bots bring out the top website pages of that keyword.

The result order-wise is based on how that webpage responds to the Google algorithm, how quality their content is, and many other factors.

I’ll explain some of the techniques involved in SEO. Here are they,

An SEO process involves two major factors involved in it. They are,

1) On-page optimization

2) Off-page optimization

On-page Optimization:

On-page optimization involves the process of optimizing the things available on a website like a title tag, description tag, links, content, heading tags, images. Here are some factors involved in an On-page optimization,

Factors in On-page Optimization:

1) High-quality content [ Primary ]

2) Page titles and description

3) Header tags

4) Content formatting

5) Image optimization

6) URL optimization

7) Mobile-friendliness

8) Internal & external links

Off-page Optimization:

Off-page techniques let you improve website visibility, perception, popularity, trust, and the relevance of a site.

Factors in an Off-page Optimization:

1) Article submission

2) Forum submission

3) Directory submission

4) Video submission

5) Image sharing

6) Press release

7) Document sharing

8) Guest posting

9) Infographics

10) Social media sharing

Still, there are lots of techniques, the processes involved in SEO optimization.

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